Love Sosa Lyrics By Chief Keef

love sosa lyrics

Love Sosa Lyrics By Chief Keef [Intro: Jordan Gilty & Chief Keef]Fuckers in school telling me, always in the barber shop“Chief Keef ain’t ’bout this, Chief Keef ain’t ’bout that”My …

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Fall Lyrics By Eminem

fall lyrics by eminem

“Fall” maintains Kamikaze’s core subject of critiquing the present condition of the rap game while also replying to Revival reviewers who gave the album unreasonably low marks. Tyler, The Creator, …

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Back in Blood Lyrics By Pooh Shiesty

black in blood lyrics

Pooh Shiesty has listed Lil Durk as the leading single from the first mixtape, Shiesty Season, for “Back in Blood.” They rap about killings around them and boast about their …

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Ram Ranch Lyrics By Grant MacDonald

ram ranch lyrics

According to musician Grant MacDonald, Ram Ranch is “the sexiest ranch on the face of the entire dang world.” Because the ranch had such an influence on the singer’s life, …

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SICKO MODE Lyrics By Travis Scott

sicko mode lyrics

“SICKO MODE” alludes to Travis and Drake’s work ethic, going into “sicko” or “beast” mode. In Drake’s slang, “Sicko” or “6icko” refers to his hometown of Toronto. A backlash to …

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