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Kim Soo-Hyun is a South Korean model and actor. Soo-Hyun has risen to the top of the Forbes under 30 Asia list many times in 2016.

He was also included in the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40 list. Soo Hyun Kim As of 2021, he is 33 years old. Soo Hyun is a South Korean actor who was born on February 16, 1988, in Seoul.

He rose to prominence after starring opposite Jin Jo hyun in the Chinese drama “My Love from the Star.” Soo Hyun is a South Korean actor who was born on February 16, 1988, in Seoul. .

Kim Soo-Hyun’s first acting role came at age 13 when he appeared as young Yang Myung-Do (played by Park Yong-ha) in Queen Seondeok (2007).

In 2008 Kim landed his first major role playing a supporting character named Moon Jae Shin (an illegitimate child of Emperor Gojong) that appears throughout Hwangjini (2008).

In 2009 he played Lee Hwon in The Servant (2009) and a year later he played the leading role in “Dream High” (2011).

Soo-Hyun appeared as the male lead in My Love from the Star (2013), which became popular in China, where he was awarded the “Best Actor” award at the CCTV Movie Awards.

In 2014, Kim Soo-Hyun starred as a boxer in “The Priests”, a highly anticipated movie which had been delayed for a few years. He got his first big break when he was cast as King Lee Jae-ha of Joseon in The Moon That Embraces the Sun (2012).

Following this success, Kim continued to rise to fame with leading roles in dramas such as Dream High (2011), Secret Garden (2012), and Arang and the Magistrate (2012).

His popularity continued to rise when his character Kim Tan attracted many fans because of his charisma and charm.

Kim Soo-hyun has also starred in several films such as Real Fiction (2010) and My Little Hero(2011).

He is set to star alongside Lee Min-ho and Yoo Ah-in in 2015 film Inside Men, directed by Choi Dong-hoon. He has also been cast in the upcoming 2015 film The Royal Tailor, in which he will play King Jeongjo.

Kim Soo Hyun Height ,Weight and physical appearance

Kim Soo Hyun Height:180 cm

Kim Soo Hyun Weight: 70 kg

Body Measurement : Chest: 90, Waist: 74, Biceps: 51.5, Thighs: 41 cm and Shoe Size : US 9.5 (Source)

Soo Hyun’s Family

Kim Soo-hyun was born in Seoul, South Korea, on February 16, 1988. Kim Soo-father hyun’s is Kim Chung-hoon.

His father performs as a vocalist. Kim Soo-parents hyun’s split when he was a child. He also has a singer step-sister named Kim Joo Na.

Kim Soo-hyun wife, girlfriend and affairs

Kim Soo-hyun is 33 years old and has never married. He’s been spotted with a number of actresses, but he’s never dated anyone. However, rumours have it that Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Ye-ji are dating.


Kim Soo Hyun is a well-known and wealthy South Korean actor. He has been in a number of Korean dramas and films.

In 2017, he made his acting debut in the TV series Kimchi “Cheese Smile.” Later, in 2008, he starred in the drama “Jungle Fish,” based on a true tale. In 2009, he starred in “You Are My Destiny” and “Goong,” which was a huge hit.

In 2010, he was cast in the movie “Real Fiction.” He also starred in the romantic comedy film “My Little Hero” that same year. He then appeared in a number of films such as Real Fiction (2010), My Love from the Star (2013) and The Priests(2014).

Kim Soo Hyun has been cast along with Lee Min Ho and Yoo Ah-in to star in the upcoming 2015 film Inside Men, directed by Choi Dong-hoon.

Following that, he appeared in the TV shows “Seven Years of Love(2009),” “Will It Snow for Christmas?”,” “Father’s House,” and “Giant(2010).” He made his acting debut in the drama “My Love From The Star” in 2013.

He gained a celebrity following the release of the drama. He also starred in the film “Secretly Greatly” that same year.

In 2014, Kim Soo Hyun starred in the film “The Royal Tailor” alongside Kim Tae-ri and Lee Jung-jae. The film was released in 2015.

Kim Soo Hyun has been cast as King Jeongjo of Joseon in the upcoming 2015 film The Royal Tailor, directed by Choi Dong-hoon.

Kim has been dubbed the “King of Product Endorsement” by the media since he has been the face of a variety of products including food, apparel, gadgets, and automobiles. He has the record for having been the face of 17 different products.

He also performed in the opening ceremony of the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China, in 2014.

He also performed at the 2014 Asian Games opening ceremony in Incheon, South Korea.

Gold Medalist, a privately held South Korean entertainment firm, manages Kim Soo-hyun. Along with Soo-hyun, this organisation also manages Seo Ye-ji and Kim Sae-ron.

Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong also has a wax figure of Kim Soo-hyun. He was named to the Forbes “30 Under 30 Asia” list in 2015.

Soo-hyun is a philanthropist as well. Every year, he contributes 20 tonnes of rice to those in need. He continues to contribute to the Children and Teenagers Fund. Kim also donated during COVID-19 in 2020 to help low-income families.

Kim Soo-hyun Net Worth

Soo-hyun is a South Korean actor who is among the highest-paid in the country. He earns money from a variety of sources.

He has been in a number of films and has also worked in a number of commercials; according to all sources, his estimated net worth is $117 million.

Some lesser facts about Kim Soo-hyun

  • Kim enjoys cooking and travelling.
  • He was named to the Forbes “30 Under 30 Asia” list in 2015.
  • Kim also applied because she enjoyed bowling. In his first try-out competition, he finished 10th out of 114 competitors.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is his favourite actress.
  • Malitry was also served by Soo Hyun.
  • Kim Teahyung is his favourite Korean vocalist.
  • Because he has been the face of so many companies, the media has dubbed Kim the “King of Product Endorsement.” 
  • He also enjoys dogs. He owns a dog named Amoni as a pet.
  • Navy blue and black are his favourite colours.
  • Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong contains a wax statue of Soo-hyun.
  • He has received almost 60 honours to date.

Dose Kim Soo hyun have a wife?

For the time being, Kim Soo hyun is single. He hasn’t tied the knot yet. He is Korea’s most popular actor, and he stated in an interview that he is currently concentrating on his career.

As a result, he has no desire to be in a relationship. He has never had a public relationship since his debut.

Who is Kim Soo hyun Crush?

Kim Soo hyun does not have a crush on any Korean idol, but when he met British actress Kaya Scodelario for an advertisement shoot, he felt butterflies.

Kim Soo hyun is said to have a crush on one of his co-stars, Jin Ji-hyun, who portrayed the lead female part opposite him in “My Love from the Star.”

This one became incredibly successful, and Kim Soo hyun became renowned as one of the most important figures in the Korean cinema business as a result of this drama.

Is Actor Kim Soo Hyun married ?

Although actor Kim Soo hyun is 33 years old, he is still single and has made no official declaration.

Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji are rumoured to be getting married shortly. They met on the set of his play “It’s Okay to Be Not Okay,” which he directed.

Soo Hyun’s co-star Seo ye ji was cast in the lead female role opposite him.


Kim Soo Hyun is from a middle class family and his father was an accountant. He was born on May 21, 1990 in Seoul, South Korea. He is the second son of his parents.

His father died when he was young and his mother works as a teacher. Kim Soo Hyun has been living with his mother since he was born until the age of 18.

He has a younger brother who is also an actor. He is currently studying at Korea University.

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