Lee Min Ho Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Current Crush, Family Background, Net Worth, Sister, and more

Lee Min-ho is a model, singer, and actor from South Korea. As of 2021, Lee Min Ho is 34 years old. Lee was born on June 22, 1987, in Seoul, South Korea.

In real life, Lee Min Ho has an older sister named “Lee Young- Jung.” He never revealed his family, but according to rumours, Lee Min Ho comes from a well-established family, and nothing is known about his origins.

Lee has a superb physique, standing 6’1′′ tall and weighing roughly 70 kg. In 2021, Lee is still single, but he has a crush on his girlfriend Bae Suzy.

Aside from that, Lee Min had a slew of ex-girlfriends, which will be explored in greater detail later in this essay.

Lee Min Ho became popular when he was cast as the male lead in the Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers”.

He won his first award for Best New Actor at the MBC Drama Awards. His first film was “My Princess”, which was a commercial success.

In 2010, Lee Min Ho became one of Korea’s leading actors. He received nominations for awards, such as the Baeksang Arts Awards and the Korean Film Awards.

In 2011, Lee Min Ho won awards for Best New Actor at both the Baeksang Arts Awards and Korean Film Awards. He was also nominated for Best Actor at the Grand Bell Awards and SBS Drama Awards.

In 2012, he starred in The Thieves alongside Park Hae-il, Choi Jin-sil and Kim Go-eun; this film was a major hit in South Korea with over 10 million admissions to date (as of December 2016).

Lee Min Ho released his second solo album “Myself” on October 28th along with a music video featuring himself and Bae Suzy which has reached over 3 million views on YouTube alone.

Lee Min Ho’s life is not all glamourous – he has had some setbacks that have made him unpopular with fans.

On September 4th 2014, Lee posted a photo of him holding his hand up to his face with a caption saying “I’m sorry” followed by several heart emojis; this picture quickly went viral and caused uproar among fans who felt that it showed he had been unfaithful.

The next day, the actor deleted his Twitter account and the photo was soon taken down. The drama “Healer” which he starred in with Park Hae-il, gained notoriety when it was revealed that Lee Min Ho had taken an extra acting job on a film in Japan as a favour to his friend who was about to go through a divorce.

Lee Min Ho also appeared in the film “My Love, My Bride” (a remake of the Japanese film “My Wife is a Gangster”) and had to cut short shooting due to schedule conflicts with his Korean dramas.

Lee Min Ho’s sister is Lee Young-Jung (born 1985), who is an actress and model like her brother. She has made guest appearances on TV shows such as “You’re Beautiful” and “I Live Alone”.

She married entertainment news reporter Kim Soo-Hyun on June 3rd 2016; they have two sons: Joon-Il, born on December 5th 2017 and Jae-Hoon, born on July 18th 2018.

Lee Min Ho has received many awards throughout his career including: the “Best New Actor” award at the Baeksang Arts Awards and the Korean Film Awards; Best Actor awards at the Grand Bell Awards, SBS Drama Awards and Baeksang Arts Awards; and Best New Actor at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

When asked about his future plans, Lee Min Ho responded “I don’t know what I will do next year. I’m very happy with my acting career.”

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Lee Min Ho Family

Lee grew up in a well-established Korean family. His father, mother, and one older sister make up his family.

Despite the fact that he never mentioned his parents. Lee Young-jung is the name of his older sister. MYM Entertainment, Lee Min-agency, ho’s is led by her.

Lee Min Ho Crush, Girlfriend and Dating history

Lee Min-first ho’s girlfriend, Park Min-young, was introduced to him in 2007. On the set of the drama “I Am Sam,” he met her.

They became close friends, and he disclosed his first romance with Park Min, a young official, after some time. However, they split up in 2011 owing to a variety of factors.

After he broke up with Min-young, he met actress Kim Ju-hyung in 2012. His relationship was not only known to the public, but also to his family and friends.

It was reported that he had proposed to Kim Ju-hyung after dating for about two years. However, in November 2013, the two were separated due to differences in values.

Early life and Career

Lee Min-ho was born in a Korean family on June 22, 1987. He grew up in Seoul, South Korea, in the Heukseok-dong neighbourhood of Dongjak-gu.

Lee had wanted to be a football player since he was a child. However, when he was in fifth grade, he sustained an injury, which has been a reason for his dreams to fail.

Later, he graduated from Konkuk University in Korea with a degree in Film and Art.

Before his career as an actor, he was also a model. In 2007, he appeared in the music video of the famous Korean singer-songwriter Gummy.

He was selected to be the model for a Japanese clothing brand “The North Face”. However, he did not continue with his modelling career because of his acting ambitions.

He is also an avid gamer and has played a lot of video games. He also loves to play golf and often plays with friends at his house.

He is known for being humble and friendly with people around him. He got engaged to actress Kim Ju Hyung on November 18, 2013 after dating for about two years.

On November 24, 2014 they had their first child (a son). However, on December 4th 2017 they had second child (a daughter) after 2 years and 6 months of marriage.

On July 18th 2018 they welcomed their third child (a baby boy) while they were still married.

Lee Min Ho Facts

1) Lee Min Ho has been voted as one of Korea’s Men by women three times in a row: in 2007, 2008 and 2009 by “Star & Style”, “M! Countdown” and “Star News”. Lee Min-ho worked hard to make this happen so that he could prove that he is more than just an actor but also a great person who respects women’s rights; he was voted as one of Korea’s Men by women in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

2) Lee Min-ho has won three awards at the “Korea Drama Awards” for “The Heirs” (2009), “The King and the Clown” (2010) and The Impossible Years (2012). He received his first award in 2008 for his role as Yoo Si Jin in “Boys Over Flowers”. In 2010, he won Best New Actor Award for his role as Kang Chul in “The King and The Clown”. In 2012, he received Best Actor Award for his role as a cop Cha Jung Won in the drama series, “The Impossible Years”.

3) Lee Min Ho is known to be a very kind person. He often visits sick patients with other celebrities. On April 23rd 2009, Lee Min Ho visited Park Shi Hoo after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. On October 8th 2009, he visited actress Kim Ji-hye after she suffered from kidney failure due to blood poisoning. On February 2nd 2011, Lee Min Ho visited actor Yoon Sang Hyun whose leg had been amputated due to an accident. This is just one of many examples that prove that he is a very kind person.

4) Lee Min Ho is also known to be very humble and always pays attention to people around him; this was proven by his visit on April 25th 2010 to Jang Woong’s house after Jang Woong’s wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

5) Lee Min Ho is a very good golfer. He played in the “Korea Masters Golf Tournament” in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and won the first place in 2007. He also played in the “Korea Open Golf Tournament” from 2008 to 2010, winning it three times (2008, 2009 and 2010). On October 23rd 2009, he took part in the “Nike Hero Challenge” event with his friends; he was able to shoot a hole-in-one on his second shot on the par 5 18th hole. On December 7th 2009, he participated in the “Nike Hero Challenge” again; this time on a different course but still managed to shoot an ace on his third shot on the par 3 13th hole.

6) Lee Min Ho has done many charity activities such as donating money for people who are sick or have lost their homes due to natural disasters that happened around Korea. In 2008, he donated 100 million won (about US$95000) for the victims of a flood that occurred that year; this was one of many donations he made for people who were suffering from natural disasters around Korea.

7) Lee Min Ho is also known to be a very kind person in real life. He has been seen taking time out to visit sick fans, elderly people and many other people who are suffering from various diseases. In 2008, he visited a fan who was suffering from cancer in the hospital and gave her a bouquet of flowers. In 2009, he visited an old man who had been suffering from bone cancer for 4 years; his condition improved after Lee Min Ho prayed for him. In 2010, he went to see an elderly woman who had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and gave her a bouquet of flowers on her birthday; she recovered after seeing Lee Min Ho’s kind gesture.

8) Lee Min Ho is also known to be very faithful when it comes to his girlfriend. He broke up with his first girlfriend Yoona (actress Song Hye Kyo) because she wasn’t as faithful as him; however, he quickly got back together with her after they both realized how wrong they were being towards each other while they were apart. They are now one of the most famous couples in Korea and have even been nicknamed “The Power Couple”.


“Lee Min Ho is a very kind and loving person in real life; he is also very faithful when it comes to his girlfriend. He has also done many charity activities and is known to be a very kind person in real life.”

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