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Song Hye-Kyo is a model and actress from Korea. She is well-known for her outstanding acting in dramas and films.

She has been in a number of dramas. “First Love,” “Happy Morning,” “Beautiful Face,” “One of a Pair,” “Wedding Dress,” “Six Siblings,” “Soonpoong Clinic,” “White Nights 3.98,” “Deadly Eyes,” “Sweet Bride,” “Autumn in My Heart,” “Hotelier,” “All In,” “Sunlight Pours Down,” “Full House,” “Worlds Within,” “That Winter the Wind Blows.”

She is also a fashion model and has appeared in many fashion magazines.

Song Hye-Kyo was born on March 24, 1982, in Busan, South Korea. Her father is Song Jae-kyu, and her mother is Kim Sun-young. She has two siblings: Jin Joo (older sister), and Jin Young (younger brother).

Her family moved to Seoul when she was 10 years old. She attended Yonsei University’s Department of Film Studies.

Song Hye-Kyo first gained popularity as a “Bubblegum Girl” in the Korean drama “First Love.” The character was created after the height of the Bubble Era in the 1990s and was based on actress Kim Tae-hee’s real life experience at the decade’s start.

In addition to her acting skills, Song Hye-Kyo also had a strong influence on her character development in “First Love”, where she acted as an anti-drug role model for teenagers at a time when Korea faced numerous drug problems.

During this time she also starred in films such as “A Special Woman,” “The Housemaid,” “The Stolen Daughter,” “The Good Luck Woman,” “Full House” and others. After starring in Korean television dramas such as I Am Sam, The Chaser, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Radiant Office Lady Chae Min Ah (KBS2), Angel Eyes (MBC), Into the Blue (SBS) and Spring Waltz (KBS2). She also starred in movies such as The Housemaid (2005), The Good Luck Woman (2006), Full House (2007), Sweet Home: A Korean Odyssey (2007) and Autumn in My Heart (2008).

Song Hye Kyo is a member of the Korean Protestant Church, which has been her family’s religion since she was a child.

Song Hye-Kyo has been involved in several charity events, including “Happy Hearts Foundation” and “Nam-Kyu.”

In the latter event, she donated her salary from the drama “Full House” to raise funds for underprivileged children in South Korea.

In 2009, Song Hye-Kyo was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

She was selected because of her status as a celebrity and her dedication to helping children. During that time she also traveled to Africa with UNICEF. She also hosted an event for UNICEF at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

Song Hye-Kyo is a fashion model and has appeared in many fashion magazines such as Vogue Korea, Elle Korea, Marie Claire Korea, Elle Japan and others.

She has also modeled for fashion designers such as Shiho Fukada and Chen Jungmi.

Song Hye-Kyo has been involved in various television programs. She appeared on the show “Dream High” with her husband and fellow Korean singer, Song Joong-ki.

She also appeared as a guest star in the television dramas I Am Sam, The Chaser, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Radiant Office Lady Chae Min Ah (KBS2), Angel Eyes (MBC), Into the Blue (SBS) and Spring Waltz (KBS2).

She also starred in movies such as The Housemaid (2005), The Good Luck Woman (2006), Full House (2007), Sweet Home: A Korean Odyssey (2007) and Autumn in My Heart (2008).

In 2001, Song Hye-Kyo met actor Song Joong-ki on the set of the television drama “Beautiful Face.”

They dated for three years. In 2004, they married at an open-air wedding ceremony in Hawaii. After their marriage, they lived together for five years.

They have two sons: Kim Seok-jin and Kim Min-woo. On November 26, 2010, Song Hye Kyo gave birth to a baby girl named Kyung Soo Jin.

On September 2, 2010, Song Hye-Kyo was involved in a car accident. She and her younger sister were involved in the accident. Both women were taken to the hospital for treatment.

After the accident, she was treated at a hospital in Seoul. On September 4, 2010, she was released from the hospital and returned home to rest.

Song Hye-Kyo Husband, Boyfriend, and Affairs

Lee Byung-hun and Hyun Bin, both South Korean stars, have been in her life. Song Hye-husband Kyo’s is also an actor, Song Joong-ki.

They met on the set of “Descendants of the Sun,” a drama. They started dating each other after that. In October of 2017, they tied the knot.

This marriage, however, did not survive long. In 2019, the couple divorced. The couple is childless.

Height, Weight, and Physical appearance

She is 5’4″ tall. She weighs around 69 kilograms. She has a slender figure. Her hair is long, black, and straight. She has a small nose and a slim chin. Her eyes are brown.

Song Hye-Kyo’s Career in Acting, Music, and Fashion

Song Hye-Kyo has made her acting debut in the television drama “Dream High” with her husband Song Joong-ki (aka Song Joong Ki). The couple starred together again in the drama “I Am Sam,” which also featured actor Song Seung-heon as well as actress Park Shin-hye (Park Si Yeon).

She also starred alongside actor Lee Byung-hun in the period drama “The Good Luck Woman.” In 2006, she starred as a North Korean spy in the action film “The Good Woman.”

Later that year, she appeared on the reality show “My Name is Kim Sam Soon.” In 2007, she played an orphan who works for a group of thieves in the movie “Sweet Home: A Korean Odyssey.” That same year, she appeared on another reality show called “Angel Eyes.”

The following year, she played another action film titled “Into The Blue,” which was based on a true story of an American submarine captain who became stranded at sea after his ship was attacked by North Korea’s torpedo boats.

In 2007 and 2008, Song Hye-Kyo starred with her husband on two television dramas: “The Legend of the Blue Sea” and “My Love from the Star.”

In 2009, she starred in the television drama “Ruler: Master of the Mask.” In 2010, she played a North Korean spy in “Dear My Sister,” which also featured actor Lee Byung-hun.

In 2012, Song Hye-Kyo starred alongside actor Kim Woo-bin in the television drama “The Heirs.”

The same year, she starred with her husband on another television drama called “Fated to Love You.” In 2013, she starred with actor Kim Woo-bin in another television drama titled “The Moon Embracing The Sun.” She also appeared on another reality show called “Real Men” that same year.

A few years later, she appeared as herself on another reality show called “I Live Alone,” which followed celebrities as they lived alone. Song Hye-Kyo has also appeared on several variety shows.

She was a guest star on SBS’s talk show titled “Nonstop 4th Anniversary Special.” She also appeared as herself on a segment of KBS2’s talk show titled “One Night With You,” and made an appearance on MBC’s variety show called “Show! Music Core”.

Song Hye-Kyo Instagram

She is a well-known actress in South Korea. She has a sizable social media following. Hye-Instagram Kyo’s handle is “kyo1122.” Her Instagram account has 12.5 million followers.

Song Hye-Kyo Net Worth

Song is a model and actress from South Korea. She has been in a number of television series and films. She’s also done a lot of commercial work, so she has a lot of money coming in. Her net worth is believed to be $31 million.

Song Hye-Kyo Facts

1. Her real name is Song Ji-hyo. She was born on May 1, 1982 in Seoul, South Korea.

2. She’s fluent in English, Korean and Japanese.

3. She started acting at the age of 14 and became a star at 17 with her role in “The King and I.” Her first romantic lead role was with Lee Byung-hun in 2007’s “Dear My Sister.” She had a baby boy with Lee Byung-hun in 2014, who she named Lee Min-ho.

4. She’s a good friend of Lee Min-ho, who is also her husband.

5. She’s the daughter of Song Young-hee, who is a former actress and model. Her younger brother is actor Lee Seung-gi.

6. She married Kim Woo-bin in 2009, and they had their first child together in 2012: a daughter named Lee Su-bin. They later announced that they were expecting another child in 2015, and gave birth to their second daughter in 2015: Lee Su-yeon.

7. Her father was a model, while her mother was an actress and a singer as well as fashion model.

8. She’s known for being extremely competitive and is also known for her competitive nature in acting.

9. She’s a big fan of Korean baseball and is a huge fan of the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO).

10. In 2012, she was ranked #1 on the list of “South Korea’s Most Beautiful Women” by Asian & American Research Center (AARC).

11. She’s a huge fan of Kim Hyun-joong, and has said that she loves him for his realness and honesty.

12. She’s also known for her sense of humor, and is often seen cracking jokes on her Instagram account.

13. She’s a huge fan of Korean dramas, and is often Instagramming behind the scenes photos from her favorite dramas.

14. She’s also known for being a good friend and a great support system to many of her co-stars, as well as being very supportive of other actors and actresses in general.


She’s an amazing actress and a beautiful woman who’s been able to make it in the business. Her net worth is $31 million, and she’s made a lot of money from her acting career.

She’s a great actress who’s able to make it in the business, and has a lot of potential to be even more successful in the future.

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